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After 54 years of the highest devotion to the criminal justice  system, Thomas S. Erlenbach has determined he deserves the ability to slow down and retire. Tom’s stature in the legal community, ranging from prosecutor to defense counsel, has never been questioned. He has sagely and professionally represented thousands of individuals who have faced encounters with the justice system. Four years ago, the Columbus Bar Association recognized Tom for 50 years of devoted service to the legal profession he so admirably served. Tom’s mentoring of younger lawyers is unmatched. Those who have worked with him over the years, who are his alumni, will each attest to the prudent advice and life lessons they received from Tom. While the legal profession will certainly lose one of its most esteemed practitioners and mentors, the personnel here at Maguire & Schneider will lose the interaction with one of the brightest, most spirited individuals we encounter on a daily basis. Lawyers and staff here, as well as alumni outside this firm, line up to secure a lunch visit with Tom. Tom will remain a family member of this firm, always admired, and he promises to stay in close proximity, particularly over noon hours.  Tom will be sorely missed and we wish him the best in the years to come.

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